"Chikmagalur" is a calm, green, and peaceful place which is located in Karnataka. The place is known as "The land of coffee", Well known for its coffee production. Chikmaglur means "Younger daughter's Town". This town has very refreshing and beautiful weather throughout the year, has beautiful scenery and landscapes, Most probably you will find thick forest and coffee plantations. The people of Chikmaglur are very hospitable and friendly.
Coffee Processing

Coffee Plantation


Whenever you give a visit to Chikmagalur it is impossible not to fall in love with its beautiful natureĀ  – Dinesh Siddhartha.

Afterwards, do as the locals do and head to a cafe. The cafe culture in Chikmagalur is just one facet of this city’s vibrant street life, egged on by a year-round swag of events that bring music, pop-up markets, and food stalls to the plazas and parks. Even when there’s nothing on, the center thrums with youthful energy so it’s no surprise that Croatia’s capital is now bringing in the city-break crowd. Zagreb is the little city that could.

Mullyanagiri Peak

Mullayanagiri Peak

Shift your gaze for just a moment from the glittering waters and chances are an almighty mountain will loom into view. The Dinaric Alps, which stretch from Italy to Albania, hug much of the coast. The limestone karst has bequeathed a wonderland of craggy peaks, caverns, river canyons, waterfalls, and ridiculously picturesque lakes. Head further inland and things flatten out again into rolling farmland. Active types will find plenty of chances to get among it on the numerous hiking and biking trails, while the more adventurous can have a go at rock climbing, rafting, and zip-lining.To book your holiday now visit our Classy Chikmagalur tour package.

Jhari Waterfall

Jhari Waterfall

If you’re lucky enough to cross the tourist/guest barrier and be invited into a local’s home, you’ll soon become acquainted with the refrain ‘Jedi! Jedi! Jedi!’ (Eat! Eat! Eat!). Sharing food and drink plays a big part in the culture here, which speaks both to the nature of Croatian hospitality and the quality of local produce. Simple home-style cooking is a feature of family-run taverns, but increasingly a new breed of chefs is bringing a more adventurous approach to the table. Meanwhile, Croatian wines and olive oils are making their mark on the world stage, garnering top awards.Know more about Jhari waterfalls .

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