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Choosing a trip

Choosing a trip is not easy,so here we are to guide and to help you out to know about us and our holiday packages so that you have a memorable tour.So be carefree,travel and enjoy.,
Trip style

1.Which type of tour is right for me?
: We have multiple types oftoursSolo,Group,Family,Friends,adventures,backpacking and so on. It all depends on your intrest ,we wil help you to find a memorable tour plan which is best for you according to your intrests.

2.Are tours physically demanding?
: The tours are not physically demanding you can rest in your room the whole day or you can power up at the high mountains it depends all on you how you want your tour to be. We always try our the best to provide the best service to our customers .

Travelling with children

3. Does AGG tourism have family tours?
-Yes, AGG tourism has a wide range of family tour package depending on your intrests and the place of your choice.We make sure the time you spend with your family on tour will be memorable and valuable.

Travelling in a group

4. Who are Arsh Global Gateway (AGG) travellers?
– AGG tourism welcomes all the travellers of any age, whether you’re travelling alone,with a group of friends,with family,married or married of any age does’nt matter.AGG tourism a customizes package and helps you to find a suitable tour package according to your interest and budget,to make your trip memorable.

5. How many people will be in my Tour?
– There is no limit you can involve as many people you want in your tour ,there is no group size. So no worries we provide the best service to make your tour wonderful,with as a many people you want.

6.Are there any age restrictions in your tour plan?
           – No, There are no age restrictions in any of our Tour Plans,AGG tourism welcomes each and travellers of any age with Valid photo ID proof to enjoy and have a incredible tour.

Travelling solo

7.”I’m travelling alone- is it okay?”
-Yes you can travel alone,we have many tour pacakges for solo travellers it will be fun and wonderful experience for you.

8.”If I’m travelling alone, will it be safe?”
-Yes,you can travel alone without any fear,AGG tourism assures you that your every move in this tour will safe and comfortable.So travel fearlesly and have a wonderful tour.

Room types

9. Can we book a tripple room?
– Yes, you can book a tripple room in the hotel of your choice or we can arrange it for you on your request.we make sure the rooms are clean,safe and comfortable.

10. Can I book a single room?
-Absolutely, you can book a single room in any hotel of your choice or will be arranged by us on your request. We make sure that rooms are clean,tidy and comfortable for our customers.

Food, drink and dietary requirements

11. “I have special dietry requirements-will it be catered?”
– We are not sure about your dietry requirements will be catered or not,It completely depends on your holiday destination and the hotel that you choose to stay.

12. What will the food be like on my tour?
– Food is one of the important part of travelling,you can get food of your choice but depends on your holiday destination,restraunt and the place you want to reside in.

13. Can I take alcohol in every place I visit?
– According to the rules of our packages you cannot take alcohol while travelling.But,if you wish to take alcohol you can sit in the bar or sit in your room and have it at your own expense.

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