"Ooty" is a beautiful place that is also a tourist destination Situated in the Nilgiri mountain region in Tamilnadu. People mostly come for their honeymoon Tour. Ooty is also Famous for movie Shooting and other adventure activities. There are beautiful lakes, Mountains, Gardens, Waterfalls, and scenic views.
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Ooty Is famous for its excellent Scenic beauty and cold Climate, Beautiful mountains, and Tea Gardens. Amazing flower Garden and Rainy Clouds all the time. Ooty is a wonderful tourist destination that has its charm and beauty throughout the year.  The temperature of Ooty never goes above 20 Degree Celsius. Know more about the Ooty tour package.

Avalanche lake Ooty
Avalanche Lake

This beautiful lake surrounded by the strong beautiful Mountain and eye-catching landscape hypnotizes every soul here. This charming Avalanche lake was created due to a massive Landslide. This lake is very popular for fishing. You can go trekking, rafting, and camp nearby the Hilly region of Upper Bhavani.

Ooty Lake Pic
Pykara Fall 

“Pykara” is a heavenly-like place in Ooty. It is a magnificent lake that will make you fall in love with itself, the lake is incredibly beautiful as it is surrounded by Green forest. the combination of Pykara lake and Pykara Dam forms a lovely waterfall which is known as Pykara waterfalls. the two-section river falls from the height of 55mtr and 61 mtr, Its rocky surface gives Excellent support for this Divinely beautiful Waterfall.

Ooty Garden
Ooty Gardens

Ooty is an eminent tourist attraction in Tamil Nadu.It ‘s one of the most beautiful hill stations in India.It  maintains its beauty and a large crowd of tourists by its gardens. There are four major gardens that practically no tourist can imagine dropping from their visitation lists during the Ooty trip.The  Botanical garden is a terraced garden of 55 acres arranged in six sections according to the plant types.The re is a beautiful Rose garden, where they attract the eyes with their splendid colors and extraordinary green and black roses.The  Sims Park is a park cum botanical garden that has a glass house and captivating ornamental plants.Another amazing,eye catching park is Kattery Park which is an amusement park adjacent to Kattery Falls.

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