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Boat cruise - Rs 500/-

Boarding: Captain of Panaji

Tour time : 5:30pm,7:00pm,8:30pm

Dolphin Tour - Rs 300/-

Boarding : Coco Beach, Miramir Beach
Inclusion -

Trip Duration 45min

Island Tour - Rs 1200/-

Boarding: Coco Beach

Trip Duration 6 Hrs
Reporting time : 08:00am to 02:30pm

Scuba Diving & Water sport Rs. 2500/Person

Boarding : Malvan

Trip Duration 6Hrs
Reporting time : 08:30am to 02:30pm

Adventure Boat Tour -
Rs. 1500/Person

Boarding: Miramar Beach

Trip Duration 4Hrs
Reporting time : 09 00am to 01 30pm
02 00pm to 06 30pm

Adventure Water Sport -
Rs 1800/-

Boarding: Baga Beach

Dudhsagar Waterfall Tour -
Rs 3500/-

Ex. Calangute,Condolim,Baga,Panaji
@ Inclusion & Exclusion :