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Hampi is the ancient city of Karnataka which is also referred to as a group of monuments. It's one of the extremely interesting archeological sites in India.

"Chikmagalur" is a calm, green, and peaceful place which is located in Karnataka. The place is known as "The land of coffee", Well known for its coffee production. Chikmaglur means "Younger daughter's Town". This town has very refreshing and beautiful weather throughout the year, has beautiful scenery and landscapes, Most probably you will find thick forest and coffee plantations. The people of Chikmaglur are very hospitable and friendly.

Hyderabad is abundantly blessed because of its incredible unique landscape with beautiful rock. which is 20500 million years old. It is one of the hardest and strongest rocks in the world. also famous for its beauty and wealth, and has reached historical background and cultural diversity. There are splendid mosques and impressive temples. The monument For example it's royal Past. Hyderabad is also well known for its food Hyderabadi Biryani. It's the most recognized food in Hyderabad.


During any season, at any hour of the day, Moscow thrills visitors with its artistry, history and majesty. The very founding site of the city (and arguably, the country), the Kremlin and Red Square are still at the heart of Moscow – historically, geographically and spiritually.

"Ooty" is a beautiful place that is also a tourist destination Situated in the Nilgiri mountain region in Tamilnadu. People mostly come for their honeymoon Tour. Ooty is also Famous for movie Shooting and other adventure activities. There are beautiful lakes, Mountains, Gardens, Waterfalls, and scenic views.


Many tourists visiting Agra mainly because it is the home to one of the seven Wonders of the world the "Taj Mahal" However, you shouldn't forget the other attractions to explore that are awe-inspring in their own way.


Jaipur, the "Pink City" is a fusion of Indian culture with modern trends. The Pink city was planned to design in pink color, as the color signs for hospitality. The city always welcomes the tourists as well as the localities and provides a never forgetting experience after exploring it.

Goa is one of the most favorite destination among Indian tourists due to its pristine beaches. Dotted with hundreds of impressive beaches in Goa, the incredible coastline of more than 100 km offers beautiful views and serenity where tourists enjoy and relax

Manali and Shimla are idyllic hill stations in Himachal Pradesh that are known for their exclusive experiences in a frosty region.Manali and Shimla welcomes tourists throughout the year with it's attracting scenic beauty an eye is thirsty of . These mind capturing sites although frosty does witness summer too but moderately.

The Srinagar district is the summertime capital of Jammu and Kashmir .It is located in the heart of the Kashmir Valley on the banks of the Jhelum River and is surrounded by four districts and the coldest desert Ladakh.This beauty on earth offers beautiful culture carried out by adorable people here.It's well known for handicraft works,Pashmina Shawl.It's not just the lakes but the Mughal Gardens ad more that attracts people.